OTTOGI Ppushu Ppushu Spicy Rice Cake Noodle Snack 90g

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Enjoy the crispy and rich noodle snack topped with spicy rice cake flavored powder. Ottogi PPUSHU PPUSHU contains 20% (138.7mg) of the recommended daily calcium intake of children and adolescents.

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OTTOGI Ppushu Ppushu Spicy Rice Cake Noodle Snack




Being considered the most famous dish in Korean culture, we incorporated Korean Rice Cake (tteokbokki) Spicy flavoured aonside our Ppushu Ppushu range which comes with a extra crunchy taste of Ppushu Ppushu. Crush & shake for the perfect quick snack.

Known for their thin, soft, chewy texture and great versatility, noodles are now one of Korea’s favourite go to meals. Released in ‘99, Ppushu Ppushu made its debut as one of the very first snacks of its kind, later shown by SHINee in 2009 who demonstrated all the ways it can be crushed up in their commercial. Eaten differently to regular noodles, Ppushu Ppushu, from the Korean word “crush”, are crushed up dry and mixed with the fine powdered seasoning that perfectly coats the noodles.


Containing 20% of the recommended daily calcium intake for children, Ppushu Ppushu is a quick snack for all ages. Ottogi’s delicious spicy flavour Ppushu Ppushu is easy to prepare and ready to go, with an extra crispy, super crunchy taste. Simply “crush” the noodles, add seasoning, shake and enjoy!


Delicious Spicy Rice Cake Ppushu Ppushu

  • 1 Packet of Ppush Ppushu Spicy Flavour

1. Crush packet to break down the noodles into smaller, bite-sized pieces.

2. Open packet and remove seasoning sachet.

3. Open seasoning sachet and apply seasoning evenly to crushed noodles.

4. Close bag and shake until seasoning is applied evenly to noodles & enjoy.



Ottogi’s Ppushu Ppushu Noodle Snack is perfect for ramen lovers. It incorporates the crunchiness of ramen noodles and the tastiness of the seasoning packet. After you add the seasoning packet into the package with crushed noodles, you simply just shake it. The word “Ppushu” means to crush in Korean and is how the name of the snack evolved. Kids not only enjoy the delicious snack but also the process of shaking the snack before it is eaten.

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Weight 0.09 kg

1 Pack, 24 Packs


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