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Now a global food enterprise with over 500 well-loved products, Ottogi stands at the forefront of the food industry with a goal of improving the dietary habits of people through better quality ingredients, good nutritional content, and advanced food development.

Our Story

Since its establishment in 1969, Ottogi has come a long way from its humble beginnings. And every day since 1997, we think of how we can make healthy and delicious food easy for New Zealanders. Offering both Kiwi-loved and international flavours, we were fortunate enough to deliver various New Zealand's finest products to local stores, and export internationally.  Today, we manufacture with the best ingredients and curate lifestyle products from all over the world to serve Kiwis. Wishing our products to be accessible, we have launched "Oll Mall" and are privileged to serve New Zealand nationwide.


Our Service

Our online store service offers locals a more convenient way of experiencing a wide variety of products. It will give our customers in both big cities and remote areas more access. You can enjoy more product information, competitive prices, fast delivery, and friendly support.


"Our mission is to empower Kiwis to live a healthier and happier life by providing better food options and innovative lifestyle products. And From social warfare and education to arts and culture, today, Ottogi continues to promise its high-quality, rich nutrient products, with a vision of a happier world with tastier food and a cleaner environment."

Our Products

For over 50 years Ottogi has delivered its high quality, nutritional food around the world with the vision of creating a happier world, with tastier food and a cleaner environment. We have always believed that consumers should not compromise on taste for health. We strive to source the best ingredients from all over the world to manufacture only the best foods whilst keeping the highest standards and practices. Explore a variety of products that cater to your lifestyle! and ‘Eco Partner’, Ottogi continually develops cautious sanitation & safety controls, efficient transport systems & sustainable ingredients to lower its environmental impact.

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